Laptop feedback instrument


This is a piece that I did at the end of my first semester at CCRMA. While it may seem a bit goofy to some, once the elements were there, it all seemed quite obvious to me.

This video is about five minutes of me controlling a feedback loop with the tilt sensor in an Apple laptop; I’ll make the code available as well, here. It’s written in ChucK, a free language designed for audio usage. It’s a bit buggy, but it can do a lot of stuff, including synthesis, wave file manipulation, and interaction with other stuff via OSC or midi.

I know I should have smashed the laptop or set it on fire at the end, but I’m saving that for my first stadium show.

One thought on “Laptop feedback instrument

  1. This guy’s on so many drugz he can’t even hold his laptop straight. Gimme a break!

    J/K!!! ROCK ON!!! \m/ >_< \m/

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