Sparklesound 0.8


I’ve updated the Sparklesound patch to work with delay lines instead of sound grains. This cleans up both the interaction (which is much more straightforward, presenting a set of pervasive on/off options instead of triggering semi-random events) and also the sound.

I’m pleased with the interaction, but I do need to implement a way to dynamically alter the delay lengths: currently they are set at 125ms for each step to the right; this will have to be done externally because I’m committed to a modeless interaction on the monome itself. Also to be implemented are quick toggles for each delay step, i.e. 1 connects all the filter banks to the current adc input, 2 to the 125 ms delay, etc.

This video makes use of a classic Max Fleischer cartoon with Betty Boop (lapsed into the public domain and available here at and, once again, the Cab Calloway classic Minnie the Moocher.

Get your up-to-date copy of the sparklesound ChucK script here!

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