Classic 3than: MakerBot’s Robot Hospital

Update: MakerBot has decided to delete these videos.

During an earlier phase of MakerBot, I was part of a team tasked with creating a web series for MakerBot’s community — it was originally intended as a support resource, but it grew and took on a life of its own.

Robot Hospital was made without much in the way of time or resources, and it definitely showed in a bad way sometimes. (It was usually put together on Friday afternoons, in a total of 3-4 hours.) Sometimes, though, it just added a manic energy which really made it fun.

Check out my Thingiverse roundup segments, where I do voice-overs and have a look at some of the cooler things available on the design-sharing site. Another favorite is episode 7 which is a mini-doc about a user’s project to build domes with MakerBotted parts.

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