About Ethan

Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to visit this site, where I collect some of the web-facing work I’ve done over the years.

A lot of work you see here is related to my time at CCRMA or MakerBot, but I’ve done a number of other things as well. In addition to working in the tech industry in New York, I’ve made wine in California. I’ve run chemical analyzers, 3d printers, help desks, done communications and multimedia work, and written lots of documentation. I have a degree from Columbia in addition to my MA from Stanford. I love food, wine, exploring the world, and explaining technical ideas to people who can benefit from the knowledge.

Here’s my LinkedIn profile and a recent version of my resume.

One thought on “About Ethan

  1. Hi there Ethan, I noticed on your site that you have created a video/audio translation max patch. I am currently investigating ways in which students have used patches for media development and would be very keen to see your patch in action. However the link you provide to the patch does not seem to work for me.

    Any chance you could buzz me over a copy?

    Many thanks,

    Ashley Keeler

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