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It’s been a long time since I’ve made an update here, and some big things have happened.

One of the biggest – work-wise – is that I’ve joined up with some great folks to start an agency aimed at helping project creators execute successful crowdfunding campaigns. We focus on storytelling, content production, and strategy, and we’ve already had some tremendously successful campaigns, like Fire & Bone and Eva by Dame.

Whether you’re a potential project creator or just want to learn more about what we’ve been doing, check out our website,

3than dot com gets a refresh

I’ve just taken some much-needed time refreshing in order to make it a more useful resource. In coming days, I’m going to be collecting some of the material that I worked on during my time at MakerBot in order to fill in the post-2009 gap — I have actually been productive in the past few years, and there are even a few documents of the events in between.

So we’re shortly going to be running a bit of a “greatest hits” from my time at MakerBot, and after that I’m going to try to better maintain this page for those of you who might be interested in keeping up with that I’ve been doing.